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CRS features full cut album rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with Bill Burke

Pastor Marty serves up politics and pop culture that is in your face, irreverent, and guaranteed to make you mad. It will also make you think!

Local 840 in the Morning 7am - 11am  Sat Cool Ed Show  7am - 12pm

WPGS Radio - 805 N. Dixie Avenue - Titusville FL 32796 - 1 (321) 383 - 1000

Weekday  Insanity 1pm - 3pm  Saturday Insanity 4pm - 7pm

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Friday FLASHBACK (1960s Billboard Top 40) 5:05pm

Afternoon DRIVE Mon - Thurs 12:05pm and 5:05pm

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Cool Ed is your friendly host to get you up and moving Mon - Sat morning with a great mix of news - classic rock and commentary. On Saturday Cool Ed adds a bit of satire and disrespect for the establishment  PC media. Add in a few of his friends and you've got THE hottest Saturday show on the dial or online!